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St. Gall Switzerland Abbey Library: History and Collection

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

St. Gall Switzerland Abbey Library: History and Collection   When it comes to reading addicts and freaks, they never want to miss a chance of visiting a library, and that too with a cultural and historically unique heritage of all time. The St. Gall Switzerland Abbey Library is one of its own kinds. The library …

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lauterbrunnen valley

Switzerland’s heavenly sites and places are worth visiting and all are a miracle of nature and unique within themselves.  Who would have ever thought of SERIES of waterfalls? Yes you heard it rights, there exist a place in the world which has series of 72 waterfalls, and that too in the country of Switzerland. It …

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Mount Eiger Physical Features and Nearby Places

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Mount Eiger is a part of the swiss Alps, so obviously it is one of the mountains of the swiss Alps. Swiss alps has set of high and low mountain peaks, among which Eiger is one of the highest peaks with remarkable geographical importance, excellent physical features and breathtaking beauty. To lead them all, the …

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Zoological Museum Zurich History And Facts

Zoological Museum Zurich, History, Facts

Here, the ideal place for kids is a zoo no matter what. It is ideal to increase their knowledge with fun at the same time. If you are planning tour to Switzerland, and you have your kids with you, do not ever forget to take them to the Zoological Museum Zurich. This is not just …

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Lake Zurich is one of the most precious assets of Switzerland in terms of beauty. The beauty of each and every place cannot be described in words and Lake Zurich is not an exception too. This very mesmerizing sight is located to the north western side of the city of Zurich which is the biggest …

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Ballenberg Museum Monuments And Significance

Ballenberg is the biggest of all the open air museums in the world. The concept of and open air museum is unique, but not an old one. Ballenberg museum of Switzerland is near the Brienz village in the canton of Berne. With a location as important as this, it is mandatory for anyone who visits …

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Lake Brienz – Beauty and Nearby Hotels

Lake Brienz, Beauty, Nearby Hotels

Lake Brienz is a beautiful and romantic place to visit in Switzerland. A must visit for every honeymoon couple to explore the beauty of nature together would help them find the inner self of each other too. This mesmerizing lake is situated at the canton of Berne, right at the north of swiss Alps. So, …

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