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Malaysian Foods – Top Ten Malaysian Dishes

Top Ten Malaysian Dishes

Eating has always been more than an obsession and passion for a great number of people in the world. And that also implies for the people of Malaysia. They simply love food and their love for food results in new variations and innovations in the cooking style and dishes that they introduce to the world. …

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10 Healthy Foods For Kids

10 Healthy Foods For Kids, Egg

Parenting is not an easy job, and when it comes to what our children should eat or they would like to eat, every parent considers themselves failed. Kids are very choosy with food. Their taste buds are not developed and they may not find everything delicious thing as tasty as you find them. Every mom …

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10 Foods High In Iron – Diet Plan

10 Foods High In Iron, Spinach

Vitamins and minerals have been always the primary need of human body to survive and stay healthy. Best way to obtain anything that your body requires is through food. Other sources of intake of these things are all artificial. Food can do wonders if correct choices are made regarding food. On the other hand, deficiency …

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10 Foods To Lose Weight – Perfect Diet Plan

10 Foods To Lose Weight, Orange

Obesity is becoming a widespread problem of these days, all around the world. In western countries like America, the body mass index (BMI) of every individual indicates that they are over weighted. Not only in western countries but also in various other countries of the world, people are getting too much of the excess fat …

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10 Foods Not To Eat

10 Foods Not To Eat, All diet foods and drinks

We disused in one of our earlier article that some people love to eat while others live to eat. But eating by putting your life at stake is not at all a good idea. All the raw ingredients that are pure by nature are simply harmless to consume. But if these raw products become are …

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10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin

10 Best Foods For Beautiful Skin, Green Tea

Many women across the world (even some men) want a perfectly glowing and beautiful skin.  People work hard to achieve a radiant skin. They turn to different chemical products available on the market to even out their skin tone, increase fairness, remove wrinkles and much more. What they don’t know is that these products do …

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