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Top 10 hot russian actress

Top 10 Hot Russian Actress, Nastasya Samburskaya

Movies are today’s hot topic. Which movie has released, which one is about to, which one was a blockbuster or which didn’t make it up to the mark. People today, mostly prefer watching movies rather than skits, plays or theatre mostly. They are mostly attracted by the ideas or storyline of the movie but what …

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Top 10 Bollywood Item Songs

Bollywood is one of the leading industries that release almost 100+ movies a year. These movies surely are blockbusters and mesmerize people to watch those films over and over again. These movies are so entertaining with a few songs, some glamour and some beautiful characters, that they make their viewers come back to the cinemas …

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Top Ten Facebook Games 2016

Facebook Games 2016, Criminal Case

Stuck at work? Don’t know how to pass the time, while you have nothing better to do? Well here’s a thought, why not just log into your account on Facebook and play a few games to keep yourself busy. The time will pass quickly without you being bored. Here is a list of top 10 …

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Top 10 Poland Facts – Wars, Hand Kissing, Astronomy

Top 10 Poland Facts

The history of Poland is rich, full of exciting discoveries and inventions, scientific as well as historical milestones. Polish people have several credits in the history to bring up inventions events that changed the course of the world. Have a look at some interesting historical Poland Facts. 10. Hand Kissing: Kissing a woman’s hand when …

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